What is so attractive about a vessel?  Have you ever contemplated your attraction to these physical items? Why do they hold such significance in all cultures?

Are we drawn to them via our natural physicality, the inert magnetism and obscured atomic bonds with symbiotic entities, . . . those that share a beneficial life force?

Is our attraction to such objects ruled by the subconscious pursuit of identity which is trapped within shapes and symbols? Perhaps it is a way to consciously re-unify with the natural order, the inherent patterns, from which we were born.  This perception too will change from “trapped” to “accessible” when we begin to embrace the truth that the limits of our existence are forever magnified upon repeated and thoughtful observation, and not dictated by the disillusionment and fallacy that we need to be ruled.

All of these are valid perspectives.  Regardless of the acceptance of such ideas, we must believe that our insight is greater than all we have learned in the past.  The shear masses of people on this planet and its ineptness (the cause is too great to explore within this conversation) to intellectually and spiritually engage in the necessary pursuit of prosperity of our shared humanity, weighs heavy on the ability to establish momentum in overcoming the barriers placed before us.  It is this reason that we must individually call upon our selves, our unique oneness, and our soulful attention to the nuances of our existence.  The preponderance of such efforts yield undeniable experience, of which we gain knowledge and confidence, that which can not be taken away or bent into an illusion, for its substance is once again borne “into the Now.”