Although I have been pursuing my creative talents for well over 25 years, there are brief periods in which I was able to make definitive strides in refining the aesthetics that showcase my affinity for sculptural metalwork.  My sketchbooks are filled with design concepts that reach far beyond my access to the tools which would allow me to do so.  So I do the best with what I have for now.

“Aeon”, “Ascension”, and “Serenity” are the most recent sculptures in the Stellar Series© of metal designs.  Though functional, these works define more than just the fundamental use of materials, space, and ratios.  They represent philosophical and spiritual ideals, . . . the refinement of methods, the practice of utilizing the body and the mind to work in unison, and the focus necessary to achieve inner peace.  I have designed and completed five total pieces in this series, all of which share the same attributes, including the perfection (or at least the pursuit) of assembly, repeatability, and efficiency of design. The goal being refinement of methodology whilst not losing sight of the vision or its appeal.

I have also been producing black and white architectural photographs since 1992.  Its style is modern and abstract, though fundamental in nature.  I have found a passion and vision within it that expresses the Zen nature of my being.  I wish to engage the viewer into the contemplation of its reflective organic and structural nature.

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Phoenix #9. From the Zen Reflections© series of black and white photos.